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Re: "UFP" and "USA"

stupidname said:
That's an incredible reply. A great insight into the possible comparison between the USA and the UFP.


But I was actually asking specifically about the phrases "United Federation of Planets" and the "United States of America". Whether the similarity between the structures was deliberate, to ease allegories, or whether it's a (fairly predictable) linguistic coincidence.

Does anyone have any insight into that?
*shrugs* I suppose. It's hard to say. "United (Noun) of (Noun)" is a reasonably common construction for state names -- "United (States) of (America)," "United (Kingdom) of (Great Britain)," etc. The original name of the UN was "United Nations Organization," which is vaguely similar.

Of course, there is a difference in the name of the UFP vs. USA. With the US, it's "Adjective" "Sub-state composition" of "Geographic Location." Whereas, with the UFP, it's "Adjective" "Government" of "Sub-state composition." For the UFP to more closely parallel the US's name structure, it would need to be something like the Federated Planets of the Alpha Quadrant or some such -- or, to put it another way, for the US's name to parallel that of the Federation, it would need to be the American Union of States.
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