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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

Thanks for mentioning American Supernatural Tales, Spiff. I'd looked through it at Borders in my search for Halloween books, but decided against it because I already own about a third of the stories in other collections. Looking at the contents again, though, I'm impressed by the range of authors Joshi has brought together, and it'll look nice on the shelf next to my other Joshi-edited Penguin Classics volumes, so I've put it on my Christmas list. (I almost bought it today, but decided instead to splurge and use my Borders coupon on a non-horror item I imagine you're familiar with.)

I also went to a nearby used book store today, where I found the new Datlow/Link-Grant Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. I don't generally follow this annual collection because it tends toward a particular variety of literary tale that isn't to my taste, but it was an as-new copy at 1/3 of the cover price, so I couldn't resist. I also grabbed the Joyce Carol Oates anthology The Collector of Hearts: New Tales of the Grotesque. Like her earlier collection Haunted, this includes a range of horrific stories both "mainstream" and "genre," all written in Oates's usual hypnotic-disturbing style.
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