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Re: Menagerie, re-mastered on the Big Screen

Maquis10of9 said:
I saw it Nov 13.
Things I noticed: When we first saw Pike, Spock requested a private conversation. During that, I was surprised to notice for the first time that Pike actually had a tear in his eye as he insisted (as best he could via lights and beeps) that Spock not do as he was planning.
Yes, I'd forgotten about that! I can't imagine that ever being noticeable to anyone watching this pre-HD, it's the tiniest little detail.

Later when we saw the first contact video as Pikes landing party beamed down, I remembered one of the noteworthy effects on this alien world was a strange Lily that vibrated with an alien whine. When the landing party touched the stems, the sound changed (in the original TV version). For some reason, in this updated version the sound hardly changed at all. I view this bit of technical trivia as diminishing the memory of the original presentation, a mistake made by those doing the restoration.
That's funny, I always remembered them just getting quieter as the leaves were held. There seemed no difference.

Was the perceived value “worth” it? I have mixed feelings.
While the restoration was good, I still came away with the nagging feeling that I had just paid $12.50 a seat to attend a big infomercial. You see, the underlying thread before and after was a sales pitch for the dual sided HD/DVD release of the remastered digitized collection of the original series. Season One soon to be on-sale with Season Two soon to follow. Should I have paid more than the going rate for a new release feature film just to see this commercial pitch? I feel less than satisfied. Perhaps if the showing had included some special commemorative gifts for the audience, maybe if they randomly gave out a few gift vouchers for the HD/DVD collection, or even just an “x” dollars off coupon–something–perhaps I would have felt like I had made a better investment. If a similar
future presentation arises, I will probably skip it. The choice is yours…
Of course it was a commercial for the HD-DVDs, but I didn't care. I paid £10 to see Trek in HD on a big screen, and that's exactly what I got. It's no good complaining about getting exactly what you willingly paid for! Unfortunately, ads are just something you have to put up with sometimes, like every other time you go to the movies. Be glad they didn't have commercial breaks during the eps!

On another note, all those unfortunates who got, in my opinion, ripped-off by seeing it from a low-definition projector, should be asking for their money back.
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