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Re: Menagerie, re-mastered on the Big Screen

Therin of Andor said:
propita said:
The Talosians said "in the shuttlecraft." That means they were projecting DAYS away from Talos!
Exactly! Meaning that any "Off Limits" rule was useless, and that fact underlines that the Talosians had learned their lesson 13 years ago, and their new, benevolent offer to the injured Pike was genuine. Because they could have attracted thousands of new zoo specimens over the previous decade, or destroyed Starfleet, but chose not to.

Why was Kirk in such "improved HD" but neither the yeoman nor Vina were? Can we say "soft focus"?
TOS always shot its female guest stars in soft focus. Including Marla McGivers, Edith Keeler and Mea 3.
It's hard to HD-ify vaseline.
"There's coffee in that nebula."
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