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Re: Menagerie, re-mastered on the Big Screen

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OK I've read several posts on here, that state: "laughter at the expected places", and laughter when Spock yells "the women!". OK why did people laugh at that? I don't get it! He's simply stating the obvious fact that only the two women were taken, and not the 4 men of the landing party.

For me it's a combination of knowing the sexist attitudes of the 1960's and the fact that it's our supposedly non-emotion Spock getting upset because they took the babes!
I agree, how can anyone not react to that line? It's such a short, overy emoted (esp. for our non-emotional Mr. Spock)declaration/exclamation, and it does seem a bit dated and sexist in some wierd way.... Why would he yell, and why wouldn't he yell, Commander since the first officer and acting captain just got snatched?
Okayyy...let's pretend you have a transporter, and you are beaming 6 people down to a planet....well normally ALL who are intending to go down usually make it, but in this case, you know its wrong that only two people--both women--beam down and you don't. Wouldn't you be surprised?

I don't know if the line gets laughs from the theater audience because A.) most people have seen the episode 375 times, B.) the line IS sexist, in a 60's kind of way, or 3.) Spock shouting on the big screen makes it even bigger than life.

How about if Spock let out a loud "WHAT?, the F**K!!".
OK name WHY it is sexist?

What is the quickest description of the two kidnapped landing party members in a moment of surprise? If there were 4 women and two men instead, would you describe them as anything else?
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