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Re: Menagerie, re-mastered on the Big Screen

The Transformed Man said:
Matt said:
Man was my showing dark. AMC really needs to upgrade their screens and projectors. Talk about garbage.

I assume you were at the Ahwatukee 24... yes, I HATE AMC theaters, wish it could have been at a Harkins. Very disappointed with the presentation... waaaay too dark and they needed to crank up the sound, but I blame that on AMC... not CBS/Paramount.

Yup. I was down in front, too. Had to look straight up at the pixellated screen. The dude sitting next to me fell asleep towards the end of part 1, and was snoring so loud.

One thing I noticed about the "remastered" version that honestly bothered me, not in a nitpicking way, but a "I could have done better than that" way, was when the Pike-Enterprise was approaching Talos IV, Spock is in front of the viewscreen, with the new 3D CG planet zooming in, and the way they masked his ear to put in the new effects was bad because the mask was jumping around, so his ear looked like it was throbbing and changing shape.

We should make a Trek Meetup group or something. Once every few months, two episodes. I couldn't believe how hilarious some moments were with other people. The most people I've watched TV Trek with before was four or five, but with other Trekkies it's like hilarious. THE WOMEN! Unusually strong female drives. LOL.
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