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Re: Menagerie, re-mastered on the Big Screen

Saw the AMC showing in Brandon and really enjoyed it. It makes me wish the station here actually broadcast TOS-Remaster in HD, as the theatre projection was average at best. I am quite certain my home setup would outperform it if I had a copy of the episode in 1080i. I can't believe they're going to get me to re-buy TOS for the third time, but dammit, this showing made it a must buy on HD-DVD.

"The Women!" seemed to be the major laugh line at our showing too. Some giggling at the paper-printer, but not from me, since they didn't use Imagewriter or even worse, laser-printer sound effects for the printouts. One of the advantages of it being pre-Apple sound FX libraries. The Pike era bridge really does hold up better. I could really see them doing something with the gooseneck monitors and modern flat screen tech in the new movie. Mind you, I'm not quite sure how, but there must be a way to combine Sulu's targeting scanner's popup with the gooseneck in a satisfying way.

/Bring on the Doomsday machine and Ultimate Computer or Immunity Syndrome double bill. I would pay $9 to see them in the theatre.
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