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Re: Menagerie, re-mastered on the Big Screen

Saw it in Birmingham uk.The screen was small but it was 2 thirds full The sound was mono and the pixels were there.But it still looked great.I saw Dracula 1958 a few weeks ago and it cost 2.50 Trek cost 10.00.The new effects and the trailer for the boxed sets looked mostly good,there was one shot of the Enterprise which we see from the side and the ship looked silver like a pc game Enterprise,they showed us this angle 3 or 4 times.But there was a matt painting style view of the starbase at night time which was stunning on the big fx Trek looks interesting some good effects and some average ones.
Fortunately i haven't seen "The Cage" and "The Menagerie" for a few years.
When i was watching the cage scenes it was annoying when they returning to the briefing room it interupted the flow of the cage.I've always loved The Menagerie particulary the ending when we see a healthy looking Pike on Talos 4.But this time i felt the ending was poor compared to the cage.Pike would go back to Talos 4 knowing that he would still be an invalid and living in a lifelong dreamworld,And the evil Talosians would still be feeding off him.This time the Talosians would get a human willing to be a slave feeding them every emotion going.Surely Captain Pike of the Cage wouldn't want to go back.No wonder the talosians went to so much trouble to get him back,when they were talking to kirk i imagined them snickering, they were very pleased to get him back.
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