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Re: Vulcan Fury - Is it out there anywhere?

Lol, i love when this comes up. I along with others have done some good research into this.

I contacted DC Fontana, she has her work that she did for the script etc.

Interplay was sold to a foreign software company, who never replied to my letter requesting any info about the materials for the game.

There is no playable demo around, a few trailers exist and some great images. My #1 concern is finding the audio recordings done for the game. Most if not all the TOS cast did their voices, and it would be great to resurrect them in some form.

I know that Virogen has/had a great site with all the known materials.

The problem is, the rights and clearances to this stuff is now all defunct and to publish them for public consumption, new contracts and license agreemenets would have to be drawn up between the writers, actors and CBS/Paramount.
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