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Re: Menagerie, re-mastered on the Big Screen

Was too tired to post when I got home last night (went for drinks afterward) -- Birmingham, AL here.

The theater only had about 30 people in it, which I guess can be chalked up to the fact that Alabama has either a smaller Trek following than most other states, or that Tuesday night is busy night for folks.

It was obvious that the movie was being projected from someone's computer, because Linux noises could be heard in the background about once every 40 minutes or so. But I must say, I was floored by how much they had cleaned up the film, and how colorful and clear the remastered movie was. I am still on the fence about replacing old FX with new CGI, but it was sho' pretty to see Enterprise up there in modern tech-getup.

We had a few people that dressed up - I wore a jacket that I had put ENT patches on, and I saw two teenage girls with their DS9 shirts. The coolest thing was a pair of dudes that had their TOS uniform shirts on, one was a shorter blonde and the other a taller brunette (if only he'd worn his pointed ears!)

This was my first time to see the episode, and I had to suppress laughter when I first saw Pike in his wheelchair. Not because that was funny, but an ep of South Park parodied that situation. The people in the theater broke out in laughter in the expected places (Kirk flirting, Spock's "THE WOMEN").

I enjoyed myself so much I am going to the encore on Thursday. And I'm taking an entourage this time
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