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Re: Menagerie, re-mastered on the Big Screen

22 Stars said:
Well I used to work for both CBS and Paramount and I would be surprised if anyone is reading this. They tend to be pretty old-school in their ways. If anything, Fathom Events should have had a rep. at the screenings in major markets, to gauge reaction. That's what we did for Paramount sneaks.

If Fathom wants to do another, I'm sure CBS will be happy to sell them the license to do it again, but I wouldn't expect any great strides in the presentation, sadly.
Doesn't suprise me. Makes me not want to give Paramount any more of my money.

It appears the blame for the technical issues are evenly split between Fanthom and Paramount.

Fanthom should have provided a better projector and extras, but Paramount could have insisted on quality standards (1080p, surround, etc) as part of the license purchase. Plus Paramount should be true to their word about the "cleanup" claim. When a casual viewing reveals obvious dirt and scratches remaining from the source film, it demonstrates that Paramount wasn't really serious or meticulous in their cleanup effort. They ran the negatives through an automated scanner/cleanup process, without someone technically inclined watching the entire episode and fixing everything the automated system missed.

A fumble by both parties.

Lots of edits to my artistic review above...
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