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Re: Menagerie, re-mastered on the Big Screen

The fact that this was the show's only two part episode probably helped in making the decision to show The Menagerie.

Anyhow, saw it in Westbury, NY last night and had a ton of fun. Totally packed show, SRO. Thursday's show was already sold out before this one started. I hope Paramount's paying attention. This ain't TNG or Voyager selling out the seats, it's classic Trek, "cheesy" acting and sets included.

My picture was fairly dark also, but I got used to it. Many of the effects looked quite good up there and some details really came out (most have been stated, but Vina's pale soles of her feet really startled me).

Sadly, with all the highly touted upgrades, nobody ever bothered to fix the sound issues. The incorrect music in part two from the DVDs are still there (The Doomsday Machine score, for example, going into the episode titles). Other sound issues which bugged me included the "singing plants", extra layers of beeps on the bridge and the fact that the music seems to drown out some dialog.

It was nice to see the final Vina transformation stabilized, but adding the wavering effect to all of the illusions was distracting. One thing I finally noticed since I was practically living this experience with them (and have since seen the uncut Cage a million times), is that some of the Pike story doesn't make sense. Without the scenes of Spock trying to leave orbit, the power going out and the information ransacking of the computer, the ending is disjointed. References to "storage of records" being crude as well as power coming back in the transporter have no set up. So, they seem to come out of nowhere. Plus, there's no real resolution to Pike's personal crisis of being too tired to command. The Cage, on its own, is a better story.

I digress. It was a fun experience, one I would gladly repeat. We had the usual mixed crowd of guys in uniform, guys in Star Trek tee shirts (waiting on line discussing the plots like it was going to be on their college finals) and the "hip" guys well dressed and cracking wise at the rest. Typical convention crowd.
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