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Re: Menagerie, re-mastered on the Big Screen

I saw it last night in Columbus at Lennox. My only complaint was that there was a little “double image” going on in places at the ends of objects and faces. It wasn’t all the time but it was a bit annoying that it wasn’t perfectly focused and clear. Still was great to see it on the big screen. The obvious sales pitch for the DVD’s was a bit amusing. The best part was the theater erupting in laughter after Spock yells: “The women!!” That was followed up with Pike ripping open the girl’s jacket to get her phaser. A few people in the place uttered “Hey Now!” or “Woah!”

I was also a bit disappointed that no one dressed up. My wife made a great comment that she was one of only five women in the theater.

But after seeing the previews for the Season 2 DVD, I was wondering if they should have shown "The Doomsday Machine" on the big screen instead. The little snippets they showed looked impressive up there.
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