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Re: Menagerie, re-mastered on the Big Screen

rgb1701 said:
While I had fun watching Menagerie on a big public screen with other fans, I was disappointed with the "extras" and the technical presentation.

As far as I could tell, most of the "extras", except for Rodenberry's son, have been at

for weeks, which I watched weeks ago. Dingleberry, er, Son of Rodenberry, didn't say anything I hadn't heard before- he would have been interesting had he contributed new tidbits for us LONG time fans who've Heard It All.

The digital projector they used in our venue had FAR too little resolution- it was at most a 1024x768 XGA projector- I counted and estimated the pixels, which were easily visible from our seats. My home Epson Cinema 400 puts out more resolution and contrast than what they used. I looked back at the projection booth, and saw they used a boardroom-style LCD projector, sitting next to the (what I assume was) the film projector. I was expecting a commercial grade DLP or DILA, or 1080p LCD.

While the "remastered' FX were nice, the "restored" film elements were FAR from fully "cleaned up"- FAR too often I still saw dirt and scratches in the image, obviously from the original film media.

I would not buy into another of these events unless I was assured of the technical presentation quality, though it was fun to watch with appreciating peers .
I agree with almost all of these sentiments. I saw it at the Fenway theater in Boston and the resolution was either 1024x768 on an XGA or something near to it. As a result, the presentation was not any better than the remastered standard def DVDs already released by season. It also seemed exceptionally dark and I was disappointed that there were no new extra features. The sound was good though.

That being said, it was still worth my time. The Menagerie is the first Trek episode that I distinctly remember seeing when I was four or five years old. The Cage was also the first VHS I owned (a 7th year birthday present) back in the day. So, this particular episode has always held a special place in my heart. I also had the privilege of taking my girlfriend who is a newly converted Star Trek fan, and I think she was impressed with the number of fans and the positive output. Ultimately, despite the poor presentation the chance to enjoy one of my favorite episodes with my girlfriend and a number of Trek fans was well worth the price of admission.
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