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Re: Menagerie, re-mastered on the Big Screen

Saw the screening at the Cinemark last night, I have to say the quality was pretty piss poor, I think my VHS copy running on a old 25" Color TV would've looked better, certainly not worth the $27.50 paid. That being Said I still have to say after 40 years the show still holds up. I want to see the new team match the fun and excitement of that show. I was also amazed how well the planet of Talos IV looked on the big screen, that set was pretty amazing and I don't think they enhanced it at all. so A+ for Content, F for Presentation, they certainly won't sell any HD-DVD's with that presentation. Best part thou was at the end the Computer running it crashed with an Active desktop error, the crowd was screaming Buy Macs ! Priceless.
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