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Re: Menagerie, re-mastered on the Big Screen

ST_Intergalactic said:

I'm going to the Livonia show on the 15th...and I think you just lowered my expectations. I'm not nearly as excited now.
Sorry for that

I think you'll have fun anyways.

To be fair, we sat in the first row of the "stadium seating" section- very close. To mitigate the screen door LCD effect, just sit halfway up the stadium seating area or farther. During motion (most of the show), the screen door effect was less noticeable.

Like other posters, the audio sounded mono at Livonia, too. I should have complained to get free passes like the other poster .

I won't go to another Fanthom (whoever produced this event) event unless I hear they've demonstrated improved technical standards (though my wife and average people had no issue with the picture). I get the impression Fanthom provided the projectors for this one off.

This is 2007, not 1999. Anything less than a 1080p projector in a commercial venue is inexcusable. Considering they touted the "HD" transfer, and then used a less-than-HD projector (1024 pixels across is less than even 720p at 1280 across!), is ridiculous. I had a 1024x768 LCD projector in my home theater back in 1999!

Touting HD and surround sound, and not delivering either, is not a good way to do these events or market a new format (HD DVD). This was basically an ad for the new HD DVD TOS box sets, which I linked to at Amazon earlier.

This further demonstrates the boondoggle that is HD, and in particular, the HD disc formats, HD DVD and BluRay, both of which I've boycotted for two reasons- the format war, and the DRM/usage restrictions.

If Paramount/CBS sold the Remasterd TOS sets on SD DVD for the current going rate of the TOS season boxsets (about $50-$60 street), I'd probably bite, assuming all the new extras are on the SD DVD's. But at $130 and higher for the HDDVD dual format sets? No way.

All that said, i like to throw Paramount/TOS a few commerical dollars once in a while, to show Paramount we still care and motivate them to put time and money into projects like the Remastered TOS and the next movie. But they need to be held to reasonable advertising and product standards.

Send feedback to Paramount/CBS and Fanthom over these advertised technical/product quality issues.

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