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Re: Menagerie, re-mastered on the Big Screen

Saw it last night. There was a very cozy crowd of 25 or so mostly Trekkers in one of the multiplex's smallest theaters. In fact, I think my wife was the ONLY person who hadn't seen the episode before, so she was the only one commenting at the surprise plot twists. The people were relatively "normal", again suggesting that old preconceptions of what most Trekkers are like aren't really valid in the real world.

First the good: The best reactions were from the NEW CGI FX--lots of ooos and ahs--and also from the humor in the episode, preceding and following documentaries. The Enterprise looked and sounded great on the big screen. This, and a really good home theater is where TOS-R will shine. There were several shots where the big E looked as if it had come out of STTMP, but only with the classic design. It was wonderful.

The bad:

$25????? I thought it was supposed to be $9 for each person!!

While it didn't ruin my viewing much, the theater showed the movie in stereo!!!! instead of surround sound. The print looked pretty good, but they projected it on what appeared to be an older screen, and the surface was visibly the newly HD picture didn't quite have the effect it should have (and no it was not pixelation). I am positive the HD-DVD version will actually look better on my HDTV when I buy a copy.

Points of interest:

For what appeared to be mostly Trekkers, there were some odd moments of laughter. I thought everyone had seen this before already. Do people normally laugh at some of the outdated elements of the first pilot? It never really occurred to me.

The documentary was ok, though not informative. I would have liked to have seen more of the technical side of the restoration.

All in all, it was a good experiece. Some people clapped at the end. It was great seeing so much detail on the big screen. The bad paint jobs on some of the props, rough construction, and cheap look of some of production--all the more visible in this format--only added to the presentation for me. But this viewing only convinced me more that the new movie should look LESS faithfully like the original, and should really offer its own big budget vision.

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