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Re: Menagerie, re-mastered on the Big Screen

Ontario, CA screening here. Theater was about one-third full and the presentation was a little dark and the volunme was a little low (AMC, Matt, just like your experience). The Menagerie was not the best showcase for the new effects, IMHO... the old girl looked much better in the documentary beforehand and the preview afterward. I still think she looks fabulous on the big screen as-is (or as-was, as it were). Someone upthread said she looked like an ocean liner... I got that same feeling... lots of gravitas and heft to her.

There were precisely two costumes in my theater... a TOS sciences uniform and a TNG engineers outfit. I was planning to go in TOS captain's gold with my wife as a redshirt but she chickened out thinking we'd be the only ones and we didn't do it... then when I saw the uniforms walk in I said "See?! I told you!"

I think they could have chosen a better ep (or eps) to showcase TOS-R. The Doomsday Machine and The Trouble With Tribbles, for instance... both looked great in the S2 preview after the feature.

And yes, our audience laughed in all the same places as everyone else's... "The women!" of course (in fact there were titters in advance of the line as soon as the landing party stepped onto the pads)... and the paper printout got a big laugh, too. Seemed to be a very partisan, Trekkie crowd... which was hardly unexpected.
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