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Re: Menagerie, re-mastered on the Big Screen

I'm just in from the AMC Burbank 16. I got 2 free passes out of the inept screening.

Our showing had people from in attendance, in addition to many of the artists that work on the "Re-Mastered" project and even Bjo Trimble. I don't think anyone from the sound department was in attendance though. The screening was advertised as being in surround sound. We got it in glorious mono.....from the left front speaker the entire time! No one at the screening or the theater seemed to care. Through some fluke, the movie started re-playing after it ended ("One more time!") and we thought to get someone from the AMC staff in there to just check it out. They didn't seem to care and couldn't be bothered to check it out.

It really ruined the experience for me. I was looking forward to hearing the music play big and loud in the theater. Silly me. I did complain and was offered one free pass (this was a $12.50 event, which is more than standard ticket prices) so I asked for two passes and the employee agreed.

Our screening was "sold out" in that they weren't selling anymore tickets for it, but there were at lest 20-30 empty seats in the theater.

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