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Re: Remaster the entire Voyager Series...........

The problem with Voyager (and DS9, TNG, and most 90s shows) is that they are recorded on film and then edited on 480i video tape. The SFX are also done on video tape. If you are going to do a TOS remaster of Voyager (or the other series) it would require re-doing ALL of the special effects for the show. Not an easy task when you consider 21 seasons x 20+ episodes each.

TOS was done completely on film, which has a resolution higher than 1080p Full HD, so re mastering that was relatively easy. Oh well, I'll settle for the TOS HD DVD release and hope and pray Voyager eventually gets the same treatment. Paramount has hinted that they might do re master TNG also in spite of all of the extra expense and work. I hate to see the MSRP on a season of TNG in HD DVD.

If any of you get Universal HD, check out an Enterprise re-run, it looks FANTASTIC since most of the show was shot with HD Cameras. Voyager would look as good or even better than that assuming a careful hand did the remastering.
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