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Re: The Design of the U.S.S. Relativity

JoeRalat said:
Hello Everyone. I was collecting some production information on the Federation shipís seen on voyager, but I could not find any on the U.S.S. Relativity. I am guessing that it was design by Rick Sternbach. I am not sure what kind of information Iím looking for.

What was the inspiration for the Relativity? The ship is so different from other starship designs. Has anyone seen any early sketches on the ship? What was called for in the script? Any info on the how many decks..size..? I saw in the episode that a cutaway was made of it, but could not see any details. What was the inspiration for the interior (The bridge and graphics)? Thatís just a few questions.

The inspiration for the ship was a blended arrowhead sort of shape with a lot of roller coaster curves, upon which were drawn most of the little details that were familiar to older Starfleet ships. Those details were evolved, but one could still see what they were for. The Bussard collector caps were turned and stretched, but they're there. Same with the phaser strips, lifeboats, etc.

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