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Re: "Darmok" vs "Trials and Tribble-ations" better Trek trib

patlandness said:
Brutal Strudel said:

Oh, I see it. I just think Trek is so played out that all it can offer, at this point, is dessert.

Besides, the cultural divide in "Darmok" just wasn't that deep and the mechanism for bridging it (lets fight te invisble slapce monster) was sorta goofy. It's Trek 101 or even Remedial Trek when we--as fans and as a society debating gay rights, abortion rights and the subtler forms of racism--are more than ready for Special Topics in Trek Theory.

T&T wasn't that, of course, but it was a fun little puzzle of a romp which showed us that one spin-off, at least, didn't think of TOS as its embarassing ancestor to be seldom spoke of.
Oh come on. Just because the TNG characters didn't fall all over themselves at the very mention of James T. Kirk, doesn't mean they weren't respectful of TOS. Read the "Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion".

...And Trek is played out? But comic characters like "Superman" and "Batman" are still hot properties for well over 60 years? Why is that?

And what's wrong with a little bit of goofiness if it makes for a good episode? My God, I never get tired of hearing the reverence for TOS's goofiness as endearing and timeless, but TNG's goofiness as being cringe-worthy.
I don't want this to be TOS vs TNG pissing contest any more than you want it to be a TNG vs DS9 one. I'm not saying "Darmok" was a bad episode--it's certainly one of TNG's better outings, though not a personal favorite. And I'm not saying goofiness doesn't have its place in Trek--you can't get much goofier than T&T. (TNG fans do tend to dump on TOS for goofiness when TNG gave us the K'leavage Sisters--that bugs me...) I'm just saying that "Darmok's" shoulders aren't quite as broad as some people would like them to be. I think many of its fans ascribe a greater heaviness to it than it can carry.

In a way, it reminds of what happens in the TOS forum when, say, "Balance of Terror" licks "City on the Edge..." for top honors in a poll: people are upset the "deeper" episode did not win. But the episode that did win has its merits and is more fun. What are you gonna do? (I vote BoT, btw.)

As for DS9: it had more than its share of heavy episodes, episodes which delved deep into issues of morality, understanding and accomodation. It also had this frothy gem which I enjoy far more than the somewhat infated and nonsensical "Darmok." You asked, I answered.

And as for Trek being played out: Trek is not a comic book. As much as I like comics, they can repeat themselves ad infinitum and they can chug along (though today's subliterate youth has little use for them). The movies and tv shows tend to re-embroider the same few themes and stories whenever the archetype has had a long enough rest. I expect more of Trek. To me, Trek should be more like other great tv dramas: once they tell their stories, it is best they go away before lousy stories begin to drive out the good. It happened with ER which, once upon a time, was actually worth watching. The Sopranos, which I adore above all else, including TOS, flirted with it but pulled out gracefully. Thanks to VOY, ENT and 3 out of 4 TNG movies, it has long since happened with Trek (4 out 6 TOS movies weren't so great, either...).

Oh, I have little hope that Trek XI will be any good, myself. Seems we agree on something.
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