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Re: "Darmok" vs "Trials and Tribble-ations" better Trek tribute?

Delta1 said:
The dreaded "form no longer valid" "feature" ate my reply, and Konqueror won't spit it back up. In brief:

1. Darmok isn't a tribute to anything. It's not a tribute to TNG, because reflexive tributes are tacky, and it's not a tribute to the TOS films, because it has little in common with them. It's not a tribute to TOS because it wasn't intended as such and has none of the hallmarks of a tribute episode. Just being similar to something does not make it a tribute.

2. You refer several times to what Trek XI will be, or will do. Have you read the script? I'd better go over to the T11 forum to see if it's been leaked.
1. I consider "Darmok" a tribute to Trek IN GENERAL. The underlying philosophy of "seeking out new life and new civilizations". Maybe it's not OFFICIALLY a tribute of dare-I-say "valentine to the fans", but it would fit the bill nicely if it was.

2. I don't need to need to "taste it first before I make up my mind" if someone stirs manure into a glass of milk for me. Odds are I'm not going to like the outcome. From what I've seen so far Star Trek XI is going to be little more than a masturbatory fanboy movie just like season 4 of Enterprise and just as empty and pointless. There's no underlying vision to Trek anymore. If there were they wouldn't bother with prequels.
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