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Re: "Darmok" vs "Trials and Tribble-ations" better Trek trib

Zero Hour said:
Justtoyourleft said:
So, essentially, you're complaining that "Trials" is inconsequential whilst also complaining about the fact that DS9 puts a premium on continuity i.e. is all about consequences and getting to the deeper meaning of ongoing stories and the characters? Isn't that a little inconsequent?
No, considering I wasn't talking about the consequences in a fictional universe.
Then I'm not quite sure what you mean. What consequences outside the fictional universe are you referring to?

Zero Hour said:
You're making the same mistake the writers of DS9, VOY and ENT made time and time again.

I'd say you're making a mistake by lumping those three together but I digress.

Zero Hour said:
Their idea of writing an involving, engaging episode was to 'up the stakes'. Put not just the crew at risk, but the Federation. Or Humanity. Or the Entire Alpha Quadrant. Everything after TNG was very much subject to Maguffin inflation.
TOS, the TOS movies as well as TNG often featured all-out threats at the very least to the Federation if not humanity and the known universe. The difference compared to DS9 (not talking about VOY or ENT here) is they'd introduce them in one episode and usually resolve them in that same episode.

For me, that made a lot of those threats seem, well, less threatening and "real" and essentially rather inconsequential.
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