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Re: "Darmok" vs "Trials and Tribble-ations" better Trek trib

Brutal Strudel said:

Oh, I see it. I just think Trek is so played out that all it can offer, at this point, is dessert.

Besides, the cultural divide in "Darmok" just wasn't that deep and the mechanism for bridging it (lets fight te invisble slapce monster) was sorta goofy. It's Trek 101 or even Remedial Trek when we--as fans and as a society debating gay rights, abortion rights and the subtler forms of racism--are more than ready for Special Topics in Trek Theory.

T&T wasn't that, of course, but it was a fun little puzzle of a romp which showed us that one spin-off, at least, didn't think of TOS as its embarassing ancestor to be seldom spoke of.
Oh come on. Just because the TNG characters didn't fall all over themselves at the very mention of James T. Kirk, doesn't mean they weren't respectful of TOS. Read the "Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion".

...And Trek is played out? But comic characters like "Superman" and "Batman" are still hot properties for well over 60 years? Why is that?

And what's wrong with a little bit of goofiness if it makes for a good episode? My God, I never get tired of hearing the reverence for TOS's goofiness as endearing and timeless, but TNG's goofiness as being cringe-worthy.
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