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Re: "Darmok" vs "Trials and Tribble-ations" better Trek trib

Zero Hour said:
[...] T&T really epitomizes the kind of inconsequential, inward-turned Star Trek I care very little for.
Zero Hour said:
^ But that 'eating up' of its own continuity is really what sets DS9 apart. What am I supposed to care about the Breen-Jem'Hadar alliance in the Chin'Toka system? And people wonder why the show is considered inaccessible.
So, essentially, you're complaining that "Trials" is inconsequential whilst also complaining about the fact that DS9 puts a premium on continuity i.e. is all about consequences and getting to the deeper meaning of ongoing stories and the characters? Isn't that a little inconsequent?

patlandness said:
But there's a point to made that it has *now* left a legacy of Trek nostalgia replacing quality Trek storytelling a'la Star Trek XI.

It's a terrific episode that is the symptom of a very bad problem for Contemporary Trek--looking backward rather than forward.
Ok, I see what you mean. However, I'm not sure how "Trials" is a symptom of this problem I also see. It's a total one out as far as DS9 is concerned. If anything, I think DS9 was very much about moving forward, pushing the boundaries and NOT resting on Trek's existing laurels.
At the same time, that doesn't mean throwing everything that was out of the window and ignoring the past. "Trials" is an acknowledgement of where it and Trek as a whole comes from - TOS. It's a statement to the fact that both the makers of DS9 and many, many fans of the show are also fans of the Original.
I'd agree with your assessment had DS9 started yanking out all sorts of reverential TOS or TNG references but it simply didn't. It continued on its path and told its stories. Granted, it did so within an existing universe that it helped flesh out further.
Personally, I've come to the point a long time ago where I don't see Trek as a whole anymore. There's DS9 and then there's shows such as VOY or ENT as well as some really bad movies of recent.
So, leaving DS9 out, I actually agree with you. IMHO VOY did nothing to add anything new to the formula. It was in my opinion a pretty bad rehash of what TNG was. I also think ENT had nothing new to offer. The only time it tried to stand on its own two feet in my view was in season 3 when it took a somewhat more daring approach although it was still a weak effort compared to other shows out there. Season 1 and 2 IMHO were a rehash of VOY. I won't comment on S4 since I haven't actually seen it (it doesn't matter to my view of the show as a whole since I'd long since lost any interest in the characters).
Interestingly, I'm not all that concerned about Trek 11. I don't see the movies getting any worse than 9 or 10 (granted, you never know...). I do hope, however, that the creators will take the liberties they need to create something new on the basis of the basic TOS characters. Let them reinvent it and turn it into something fresh and interesting that will get people interested again.
That's what I really hope for at this point.
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