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Welcome to the new USS Endeavour!!!

This is the 10th year that the SIM has been running so happy birthday.

We are an RPG sim that is played via email, but there is a members section with a forum so you can chat freely to other crew members. Want to join?

The SIM has been around now since about 1997, which we are all very proud of. It has had three captains, all of which have been an asset to the ship.

This is currently the second ship in the SIM. The Endeavour-C was a Galaxy class ship that had to be set adrift after a collection of life forms embedded themselves in the ship. Starfleet Command ruled that the civilization life had a right to live and we had to give the ship up. Endeavour-D was given to us as a Prometheus class, which is one of the most advanced ships in the fleet. We are capable of going into a multi-vector attack mode, which means we can split into three inpidual ships capable of warp, more movement, and defending itself. Endeavour-D has holo-emitters on each deck for the IMH program and regenerative shielding.

We also have an advanced weapon called the Isokentic Cannon, but this can only be used when the ship is in one piece. We are also able to use the transporters while shields are up due to the unique design of the hull. The ship is equipped with a slipstream drive, which allows us to travel great distances in a fraction of the time. Warp is still the normal means of traveling though.

The current Captain is Ariba Sultan. we have a bunch of chief postions open and if your hurry you can join us for soem fun with the Q!!!
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