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Re: Hallowe'en Reading 2007!

Dr. Thoss said:
"Alice's Last Adventure" is available in The Shadow at the Bottom of the World, a nice sampler of Ligotti's work. "Conversations in a Dead Language" is probably most easily found in October Dreams, a Halloween-themed collection originally published by Cemetery Dance.
I could kiss you right now. I went to Borders about a month or so ago, and I saw The Shadow at the Bottom of the World, and thought about getting it, but didn't. A week later, I went back and it was gone, and I couldn't remember the title or author. And searching the horror section of Amazon with "shadow" as a keyword...well, there were a few results.

So, thanks.

RJDracula said:
Dark Harvest was great. I read it over the weekend. It's a real page turner, as this guy writes at about ninety miles an hour.
I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was pretty confident you would. I might have to read it again next year.

There was an interview on Partridge's website (I can't seem to find it now), where the interviewer said that it felt like the book was written in one sitting. The pace really makes it feel like that.

RJDracula said:
I also watched The Abominable Dr Phibles last night. Halloween Week has begun!
Such a weird little movie. I'm a sucker for revenge tales.
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