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Re: Pimping the warp 2 barrier

I may have been missing the gist of the thread regarding Warp Fields vs. Impuls drives, but it seems that the idea of a subspace field to help make the Impulse Drive's Job easier isn't too far fetched...DS9 used a subspace field to lower the stations inertial mass and make the station's thrusters move the station OUT of Bajor orbit more quickly; even compensating for mass, DS9's thrusters couldn't have been more powerful than, say, typical RCS Quads.

Which makes me think also (and there may have been a thread on this already, and/or I'm digressing a little too much)... What's the speed limitations for other than straight-ahead motion with Impulse engines? I seem to remember Kirk ordering in TUC "All astern, one-half impulse power, back off..." I didn't think impulse engines work like that. does a subspace field AUGMENT the RCS thrusters in a situation like that?

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