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Re: The official welcome thread

CaptainDonovin said:
About me: Married, 34 until my next birthday, live in Minnesota and work in manufacturing.

Been a Trek fan since TNG's 'Decent pt. II' and haven't looked back since. Would put DS9 as my favorate followed by TNG and ENT (no bashing) but it's hard because I seem to just love Trek, period. Joined the BBS last year and have been working on a Trek series of my own that I am writing but have been side trakced by something called carcinoid syndrom which is basically cancer. Slow growing and managable but it's still cancer and scared the hell out of me. However I intend to finish my little novel and post it on a website I am working on as well as beat this. As Will Riker once said, 'I plan to live forever'.
Look up "flaxseed oil cottage cheese cancer", "blood electrification","geipe" in google.

or you can just trust the doctors and just stick with chemo.
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