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USS Pegasus....Quality IRC Simming

USS Pegasus
The year is 2385. The USS Pegasus is under the command of Carlos Ruiz, while its former CO, Poe Dalin, now runs the Bajoran Fleet, of which the Pegasus is a member. In the first year after Poe departs Pegasus, he and his staff come across various facts suggesting that Section 31 is unhatching a sinister plot that spans two quadrants ... and is designed to subvert the Federation and take it over from within!

What scant evidence the Pegasus crew has gathered of this plot has come at a terrible price: the destruction of the USS Decatur and the loss of its crew at the hands of the Dominion; the boarding of Deep Space Nine by Jem'Hadar soldiers and the death of two of the starbase's command staff; and the loss of Pegasus' own chief engineer and Admiral Gregory Quinn on a Section 31 installation on Kurrill Prime. The Dominion's involvement in this plot is still unknown, and tensions between the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants are at levels unseen since the War ... and now, as with attacks by Jem'Hadar soldiers on Earth and on Bolarus, the Federation President has ordered the Bajoran Wormhole mined once again, and all contact cut off with the Gamma Quadrant!

Those behind this plot seem to always be two steps ahead of the Pegasus and her crew, and now have turned one of the Pegasus' own into an unwitting tool for their devices. As allies and crew of Pegasus past and present reunite to fight this threat, interstellar war and control of the Federation may hang in the balance ...


The USS Pegasus began in August 1999 as a sim with heavy focus on character development. Pegasus is an IRC sim with optional logs, and sims Tuesdays at 9 PM ET, 6 PM PT on the Magicstar network:, in room #uss-pegasus. The sim is hosted by FSF Poe and FSF Finster.

Currently in 'Season' Seven, the Pegasus sim offers several episodes that shine the spotlight on player characters aboard the ship. Simmers will find ample opportunity to play complex, well-developed characters, and once in a while you'll have to step outside of the box and flex those acting muscles.

Come join us and become a part of the Pegasus tradition!

Open Positions: AENG, AMED


Rated: PG-13

Sim Summary: (September 2007):

The quest to uncover and derail Section 31's plot to seize control of Starfleet and the Federation continues, as Fleet Captain Poe and his crew target Section operations and bases, and the illicit organization targets Poe's crew and their families!
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