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USS Exeter...Truly Going Where No One Has Gone Before

USS Exeter
USS Exeter "Live Chat" simulation is a part of SFOL (Space Fleet OnLine), a proud member of the Federation Simulation Fleet (FSF).
The USS Exeter takes place 26 years after the movie "Nemesis". We meet on Thursday nights at 10:30 pm EST in chat room "sfolussexeter"

The Romulan's are now our Allies and things have been going fairly well until...

Captain Eirual Esrom has been sentenced to one year in the Brig. Her replacement, Captain Claude Gomez, is a hard liner who demands strict adherence to the rules. The USS Exeter is now on a dangerous Mission to engage a foe they thought had been eliminated as they prepare once again to face the BORG.

Open Positions: AENG, AMED, ASCI, CADETS


Rated: PG-13

Sim Summary: (September 2007):
"Aftermath - Part two"

The trial continues as Barak questions Eurial's command decisions. As the trial comes to and end, Barak is certain he will prove his case and have her removed. Oneco Koi, acting as Captain Esrom's legal counsel, believes he has made his case for her innocence. Eurial Esrom, however has her doubts.

Unbeknownst to Barak or Eirual, Cairo has implanted himself with some of '17 0f 85''s nanites and has begun a transformation to Borg. Only 17 realizes what Cairo has done. Time will tell if he has taken his scientific investigation's too far.

The crew is stunned when Captain Esrom is convicted of 4 out of 5 charges. Eirual is sentenced to one year in the Brig on Earth, much to the dismay of everyone involved, except Barak.

The Exeter is given her next mission and Eurial is left behind on Earth to serve her sentence. Captain Claude Gomez, her replacement, is beamed on board en route.
Cpt Gomez makes a point to let the crew know his opinions of their former captain And he's doing a fine job at getting the entire crew to dislike him.
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