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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

Christopher said:
^^I think Quark nicknamed him "Tarannie," not "Trannie." I doubt he would've gone so far as to imply that the Jem'Hadar was a cross-dresser.
Ah, but even if he were, how would we know? Jem'Hadar have no females.

That, in turn, reminds me of a Graham Norton sketch. He pulled out a gay magazine, found a listing for a "naked transvestite party" in the back pages. "Okay, I have a question," he said. "How do you know you're all cross-dressers, if you're all naked?"

foravalon said:
A cross-dresser is not a transsexual.
No, I know. But "trannie" could just as easily have been an abbreviation for "transvestite" as opposed to "transssexual." Plus, there probably is some overlap somewhere along that very fluid line. The average punter out there who isn't "in the life" probably has a hard time distinguishing between cross-dresser, transsexual, drag queen, gender-queer, and whatever other terms people come up with.

Hmmm. Jem'Hadar drag queen. Do you think they do USO shows when they're out on campaign? Like Gorgeous Georgina, only Gorgeous Goran'Agar?
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