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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

Spectacular effort. Gets better with every re-watching.

IMHO, this has raised the bar considerably.

Everyone has their own little "twist" to the ST Universe, and that's what makes it so rich and rewarding. I'm not saying the ST Universe is Shakespeare or anything, but the staying power comes from the ability for each person to re-frame the stories into their own points of reference. This is why we still get new productions of Shakespeare after centuries, and why we all enjoy new ST stories nearly 50 years later.

In my humble opinion, the effort to cast everything as "cannon" and "non-cannon" was lost when the production company decided to outsource the material back in the 70s (Star Fleet Battles, the FJ Tech Manual & Blueprints, etc). I certainly respect people who want to keep to "cannon", but I really like seeing how other people imagine things. For me, back in the 70s, the FJ Tech Manual opened my mind to how different things can work into the same framework. Embrace our different viewpoints...IDIC and all, right?

That aside, what was done with PtA was a masterful blend that paid homage to the best of what the ST Universe has to offer from everyone. A dab of TOS, some Enterprise, some NuTrek, some SFB....all done seamlessly with fantastic attention to detail and existing material, wrapped in gorgeous production values and performances and a bow on top with a different slant on story telling (the documentary).

If I were to do a fan film, it would be THIS that I would strive for. I'm not saying that I would do everything the same, or even have the same details in this particular take on the ST Universe, BUT, it would be the way it was done, to bring something fresh and new to the table.

Well done folks, well done.

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