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Re: Hallowe'en Reading 2007!

I can't recommend Bram Stoker's Dracula enough to those who've never read or haven't read it in a long time.

I'm going to be teaching it to my English classes in a few weeks, to coincide with Halloween.

Also, there's a sequel of sorts to Dracula called The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova which I've heard is quite good. I'm going to be re-reading Dracula this weekend to prepare for teaching it.

Before I re-read Dracula, I'll be reading Raymond Florescu's fascinating In Search of Dracula, which I also highly recommend as good Halloween non-fiction.

So it's going to be In Search of Dracula, Dracula, and The Historian for me.

I also recommend the works of Poe and Lovecraft. You just can't go wrong with the classics during this time of year.

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