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Re: So, lets talk "Blade Runner" ....

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However, once Deckard hits Leon, his reaction is 'oh, shit that didn't work!' since the punch didn't really do much. So, Deckard decides to answer Leon's question with a desperate, "I don't know." (A reaction that seems like, 'no hard feelings,' even though Deckard will very possibly have to 'retire' Leon).
You understand he was quit at the start of the movie because he hated being a Blade Runner? He was good at it but he hated it. The thing about all the replicants beating him up is a non-sequitur since he managed to survive all of them except Roy without getting killed himself. In the end Roy was human enough to not kill him for whacking all his friends (I'm guessing here that he didn't know that Rachel killed Leon). There's no indication anywhere in the film that being a Blade Runner is an easy job. The only other one seen at the beginning of the film ends up on life support in hospital.
Oh, I definitely agree.

It was just this particular time that he - Deckard - thought his punch would knock Leon out so he can better handle him, but it didn't quite work out as he thought it would. So, his reaction was, 'Maybe we can talk about this?'

I'm seriously thinking about getting this on blu-ray now. The thing is: Ridley Scott has been more hit-and-miss (usually miss) these days, and I don't want to own the blu-ray and come out of the theater (when part 2 is released) and be disappointed; find out that Scott has done another Prometheus-like film with inconsistent characters and plot holes that some will mistake for profound writing.

Another thought to put out there in regards to the reason for the VK test: Replicants usually have 'those eyes.' This included the owl in Tyrell's complex.

I was wondering why the eyes weren't an immediate identifier, but then I came to the conclusion that the eyes aren't always visible in that manner. Too, people can always get eye contacts.

Hence, the reason for the VK test....where certain questions will identify who may or may not be a replicant. Of course, as we saw with Leon and the Tyrell Corp. rep in the beginning, things can get kinda dangerous if you're on the opposite end of a dangerous replicant who doesn't want to be found out.
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