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Re: True Blood SEASON 7

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Well, it can't be 2015, because there's no Wednesday, July 11th, in 2015. The only two choices are 2012 and 2018. I'm pretty sure the second jump said "Three years after that," but I'd have to check. But that doesn't fit with the ghost town dates either way. And it doesn't fit with OmahaStar's timeline estimate either.

Basically the timeline makes no sense whatsoever, unless we just assume there's some minor difference in the calendar in their universe.
I went back and rewatched the end of the finale.

To establish the timeline from this season's episode I Found You:

We know now that True Blood is set in April, 2011, thanks to Sookie’s diary reading.
Then we get three time jumps:

(click to enlarge)

- "About a year later" takes us to Eric and Pam doing the infomercial for New Blood. I thought this and the NYSE shot were roughly the same time, which is what messed me up, but they actually had an extra jump.

- "Three years after that" take us to Eric and Pam at the NYSE on a Wednesday, July 11th, which is impossible since the only years those occur in are either 2012 or 2018, as mentioned. So apparently they screwed up and used a shot from the actual NYSE in 2012 or didn't realize their own timeline, which is entirely possible given their other screw-ups.

- "The following Thanksgiving" is the last time jump.

So it goes roughly April, 2011 to ~April, 2012 to a non-existent July 11, 2015 to Thanksgiving, 2015.

But then there's still the problem that both Sam and Jason have kids which are clearly older than four, so yeah, they screwed up.

Other info from my rewatch:

- Sookie's boyfriend/husband is either not a vampire or is more likely feeding off her fairy blood to remain in the daylight, since he's the one lowering the turkey into the deep fryer in daylight in the pic above (he says "turkey's in" in an unrecognizable voice, and she says "thanks, honey," so it's definitely the new guy). Point in favor of him being a vampire is the large supply of New Blood in the fridge, though it's really fucked up that Eric and Pam wouldn't share the cure with him. Point against is that he's wearing gloves to lower the turkey into the deep fryer, which I guess even vampires don't want to be burned, but it seems unnecessary if you'll immediately heal.

- There are still roving vampires with Hep-V in the future, because Sookie has a "Never Walk Alone" magnet on her fridge. That might be how she met her vampire boyfriend/husband; in the vampire/human protection/feeding program. Which again, makes what Eric and Pam are doing releasing the New Blood instead of the cure really fucked up.

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