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Re: True Blood SEASON 7

I wonder why Jessica didn't just restore Hoyt's memories.

Anyway, I was quite surprised that Bill actually died. It seemed that they were leading up to turning both him and Sookie human for a happily ever after, which would have been a lot better than showing her pregnant by some anonymous, irrelevant dude that we only see from the back. I don't really get all the hate for Bill. If they were going to do this, they should have let Alcide live.

Other than that, the look ahead was nice, but unconvincing. No more deadly supernatural crises ever in Bon Temps? Suddenly it's just another small town in America? Well,then Sam should come home, right? And, while it's nice to see Jason get his act together, it should have been with an established character than we could care about and not just a last-minute addition. Overall, nothing much seems to have happened in five years.

And the sign at the stock exchange said Wednesday, July 11. That would make it 2018. Does that fit in with the established timeline?

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"She's true dead, Jim."


You know we really missed out with TOS being in that decade. I would have loved to have seen them pair Kirk with a woman like Lwaxana or Pam.
A new Star Trek series on HBO would be great. At last it could be as sexy as it should be.
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