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Re: Messages, morals and meanings...

Great points by Trek God 1, but I just wonder, was that actually supposed to be Hell?

If we are drawing the conclusion that Hell is from a fable, we are first making the assumption that is Hell that Pike is experiencing and not something else from a fable. Just looking at Grimm's tales and a lot of other nursery rhymes and fairy stories, there are things of that nature in there as well. Just reading some of the non Disney versions of what are supposed to be kid stories sometimes surprises me quite a bit. So, it could have been Hell, or just some other nasty situation from a fable.

I'm just saying that to frame the conclusion, there is an assumption of the statement even before we can make any conclusion. I know it's probably supposed to be Hell, but when I was thinking of fable, I think of Hansel and Grettel when Hansel kicks the witch into the oven. The 3 little pigs let the wolf drop into an open hearth with the fire blazing. Hercules traveled to the underworld to speak with his uncle. Muspelhiem where Surtur lives is a firey domain.

That's my point, there really isn't a definite assumption to be had, although the commonly drawn conclusion certainly isn't a reach either.
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