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Re: 8X01 "Deep Breath" Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS!)

Cutter John wrote: View Post
had to put together an entire Thanksgiving dinner
It's called Christmas over here, hence why Time of the Doctor was broadcast on Christmas day.

lvsxy808 wrote: View Post

What I noticed was that, according to Strax's brain scan, Clara watches gay porn.
Or lesbian porn or heterosexual porn given Strax's inability to tell genders apart.

As for the episode, we rewatched it last night, as these things go, it was a good episode, loved the Scottishness, I thought at first Moffat was recycling GitFP out of laziness, but glad he made reference and The Doctor not actually remembering (given Ten never knew the name of the ship then) and I almost welled up watching the phone call.

As for Clara I could feel/relate to her pain through the episode concerning The Doctor, he went from a 30 year old male who looked young and in his prime of his live to a 50 plus year old male with grey hairs and lines. Of the versions Clara witnessed, of all the regens we've seen, that's never happened. I knew he was the Doctor, but because it was such a shift to what I and Clara knew, then that's what threw her, and me and that's the whole point of the vail scene and the phone call at the end. He may look different, he may act differently, but he is still The Doctor. Something Clara knew deep down, as she was calling him that from the first instant she appeared, but in her eyes, something must have gone wrong and he may not be The Doctor she knew.
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