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Re: "Amazing Spider-man 2" discussion

I think maybe the ASM team felt burned by the level of complaints that ASM1 just rehashed SM1, even though it had a different heroine and no on-screen Osborns. But they also realized that, in order to give Peter a personal edge to his villain confrontations, a peer Harry would be more compelling than an older, aloof Norman. Trouble is, if they just made a straightforward, simple sequel, only introducing Harry and building him up to a Goblin figure, there'd be even more complaints about rehashing the past. So they added Electro and teases for a Sinister team and all that to balance old and new elements, plus the return of Peter's dad for some baffling reason (but, it would also have been novel). The resulting movie, therefore, ended up both overstuffed and narratively rushed.

I could be totally wrong about that. It could be they thought they were making a stupendous, self-assured flick. But I kind of doubt it.

Among modern comics movies, only the X-series is as old as the Spider-Man series, and they've had more characters, settings, and time periods to play around in. So it's not that surprising to see some signs of franchise fatigue and self-repetition...
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