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Messages, morals and meanings...

An interesting part of the Mission Log podcasts (hosted by John Champion and Ken Ray) has been their examining of the "messages, morals and meanings" after their review and discussion of each episode. Presently they've begun working their way through TNG after completing all of TOS, TAS and the first six films.

But what about us revisiting TOS in terms of messages, morals and meanings and what we found as takeaways from the episodes? We needn't go through each episode one by one, but rather offer up whatever each of us might have been struck by in a particular way.

In other threads I've mentioned being struck by the messages (or what I took them as) of the episodes "The Cloud Minders" and "Plato's Stepchildren." I found these episodes poignant in how they looked at class structures and how they reflect what has happened in societies throughout history and is still happening today.

I was also struck by Ken Ray pointing out something from "The Cage." Ken was struck by how the Talosian Keeper referred to the punishment illusion he inflicted upon Pike as "taken from a fable he once heard in childhood." Was this indeed a subtle dig at religion and the labelling of it as essentially mere fable rather than fact as so many accept it?

Anyone else?
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