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Re: The Cloud Minders: So Much Weird!

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a hot skinny girl.
An oxymoron if ever I heard one.
You have difficulty with connecting "hot" and "girl?"
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Can't get over the Spock/Droxine thing to see what's good in this episode.
I realise that Droxine is hot but she's also quite vacuous - more suited for Riker methinks.
From Spock's point of view, Droxine was urbane, cultured, educated, reserved, soft-spoken, she comes off as calm and cool. Spock, with his Vulcan up-bring, would find all of these attributes a plus.

Apparently Droxine is the kind of woman that Spock is attracted to. We've only seen Spock in a off-duty, private setting with a female on few occasions. this might be one of the few times we've seen this part of Spock's true character.

Also, physically compare Zoe Saldana's Uhura to Diana Ewing's Droxine. Willowy, slim and slender, small breasted, flat tummy, toned but not muscled. Both actresses 5' 7".

She is physically Spock's "type."

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