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Re: The official welcome thread

Hello, I'm Basill (actually my all time favorite herb, and my dead cat's name- R.I.P.)

I work in a library and play in 3D modeling as a hobby. I love a wide variety of examples from the Sci-fi and Superhero genres, with a touch of Fantasy for flavoring (a little goes a long way.) Star Wars was my first love as a child but Star Trek took over as I matured, and the two pretty much hold the mantle of my heart to this day, though the pendulum swings back and forth depending on the season. Having an imagination and the good fortune of being a cherry picker has allowed me to find joy in all branches of Trek. I am happy to finally have an avatar. <reactivating cloak. return to lurk mode>
"As they say, life is what happens to you while you're making other plans." -Art Linkletter

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