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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

^I agree, stell. Memory Alpha is always the best source when too look up anything Trek-ish, from shuttle types to Klingon opera.

LOL Australis, you mean we are too busy fighting ads here. I'm so glad about my office's extremely harsh firewall. It lets not a single ad through - utter bliss! I don't post from my own PC anymore as my firewall can't compete.

I can only urge all newbies and oldies here to use the best virus protection they can get. Quite a lot of the ads here are malware-infested and in many cases an inadvertent rollover with the mouse will already suffice to make them attack you.
Particularly dangerous are the ones that appear in the same position as the login square. Make sure to move your cursor to a safe spot, for example to the adress line of your browser, when you log in. I've repeatedly been attacked by malware kits in the last months when I left the cursor in place and an infected ad loaded just underneath it on the board index page.
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