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what's the point of reading a story whose language is so obtuse that you have to interpret what the words on the page even mean?
And this is where you lose me. Elizabeth-era Chaucerian English just isn't that different from modern English. I mean, in that entire Ophelia passage you posted, was there a single word you've never seen before? The definitions really haven't changed. (The spellings may have.) Certainly, there are a few words here and there with distinctively different meanings, but any word is properly annotated in any copy of any play/sonnet written in the last 150 years.
Its not about understanding the individual words, its about understanding them together. If I wrote this

And lo, the walrus pumped a ferry hippo back,
into the mountains of steel magnolia kangaroo
And then, said purple, apple bottom daisy carriage
Fredrick saddle in the cloudy stable with cantaloupe
Would you have any idea what I mean? Its all actual words, but it doesn't go together. Same with a lot of the sections of Shakespeare's work I've seen. While most of the words, taken by themselves, are recognizable, when put together a lot of it is gibberish. The words aren't put into what we would call actual sentences nowadays. Sure, it varies, and from what little I've seen sometimes his stuff can be almost kind of readable if you take a good amount of time to think about it, but thats not good writing. I'm sure it was at the time, but it didn't age well over centuries.

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