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Re: "Amazing Spider-man 2" discussion

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Yeah, I am sure the filmmakers/studio execs are kicking themselves for killing off Gwen Stacy now.
It's comics, though -- they can resurrect anyone (except Uncle Ben).

Interesting column that touches on this subject:
Well, you think outside the box and maximize all your best assets and go with Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey as Spider-Woman. Itís not that hard to resurrect her from the dead in some Spider-y way that ends up with her having Spider superpowers. And comics have actually paved the way a bit here as Gwen Stacey is debuting in Marvelís ďSpider-VerseĒ shortly as an alt reality Spider-Woman. She even has an utterly fantastic costume (see above by Chris Samnee and colorist Jordie Bellaire).
It doesnít seem like much of a stretch to go out on a limb to bet on bankable star Emma Stone plus the popularity of her version of Gwen Stacy plus general Spider-Man popularity, right? A female led superhero film is gonna be some level of risk no matter what, so why not take all these things that already work and make something wonderful and new?

Anyway, I would THROW ALL MY MONEY at that movie. Even if they screw it up, which letís face it, itís Sony and superheroes, the odds are reasonable they will screw it up, it would still be pretty exciting to see.
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