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Re: Latest acquisition!

Well, that's disappointing. I vaguely remember the fuss about the use of photos without crediting the source, which was a definite screwup. The revised edition provides sources for all photos. It's still not a professional job of editing and proofreading, but sadly I've become used to that in recent years. There have been a lot of otherwise pretty good books on Doctor Who in particular that have suffered because a self-publisher or very small press thinks it's possible to go it alone there.

Cushman's take on Roddenberry is a little odd, definitely leaning toward hero worship and claiming too much credit for him, but at the same time routinely pointing out how much GR managed to annoy other people.

Unless my memory is worse than I realized and the stuff I've been finding the most interesting (the info on early versions of script outlines and early draft scripts) is widely available elsewhere, though, I'll still expect these books to be a useful resource.
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