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TrekToday May 15 2009 10:27 PM

Redemption, Part Two
<b>Plot Summary:</b> As Worf and Kurn execute a daring plan of attack to fight off Duras ships, Picard tells Starfleet admirals that he believes the Romulans are interfering in the Klingon civil war and suggests taking a fleet of ships to blockade the border so that the Romulans cannot send supplies across. LaForge has told Picard that multiple ships can set up a tachyon field to detect the Romulans even when cloaked, so Picard has Riker command the Excalibur and - after Data points out his own experience - the android command the Sutherland, over the Sutherland's first officer's objections. While Gowron's forces fight among themselves, Worf is abducted and brought to the Duras sisters, who want to recruit him to their side by offering him marriage to B'Etor. Worf declines, saying he will not live in a Klingon Empire without honor. Romulan leader Sela then orders her henchmen to torture Worf for information. She also visits a shocked Picard, who has been told by Guinan that despite what he remembers as true, he personally sent Tasha Yar into the past and made Sela's birth possible. Sela claims that any human loyalties she ever had died with her mother and warns Picard that the Romulans will attack his fleet if he doesn't move it from the Romulan border. Together Picard and Gowron agree that the Romulan aid to the Duras forces must be stopped. Gowron launches a full-strength attack that causes the Duras sisters to beg the Romulans for aid, but when the Romulans approach the tachyon field, Data is able to reveal their presence to the Starfleet ships. Facing war with both the Klingons and the Federation, the Romulans withdraw, forcing the Duras sisters to concede their defeat. Gowron offers the life of Toral to Worf as compensation for Duras's slurs against Worf's family, but Worf refuses to kill the boy and asks Picard for permission to return to the Enterprise.<p><p><HR ALIGN="CENTER" SIZE="1" WIDTH="45\%" COLOR="#007BB5"><p>To read the full reviews, please click <A HREF="">here</A>.<center></center>

destructive May 30 2009 06:04 PM

Re: Redemption, Part Two
No responses, this little corner of trek is truly dead

sjsharksfan39 May 30 2009 06:52 PM

Re: Redemption, Part Two
There's no link directing people here anymore. I wish there was because Trektoday used to get a lot more participation, and I would think it would get a lot of participation because it's actually news (Most of the time) as to what is going on with trek in 2009. I guess they're making trektoday more like a blog, and that's fine, but until that switch was coming, they should not have taken out the link.

As for Redemption II, good review. I liked it too, even though I haven't seen it in a long while.

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