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Agent Richard07 April 8 2009 04:32 AM

Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead"
Welcome to the grading & discussion thread for Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead".

"Dead is Dead"

"To atone for sins of the past, Ben must attempt to summon the smoke monster in order to be judged." - Wikipedia

chrisspringob April 8 2009 08:17 AM

Re: Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead"
So, as I understand it, the only 1970s era guest stars credited in this ep are Richard Alpert and young Ben. I presume that means we'll only get a scene or two in 1977, and most of the ep will be in 2007/2008.

Alpha_Geek April 8 2009 02:23 PM

Re: Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead"
...except when it's only mostly dead...

Starbreaker April 8 2009 03:48 PM

Re: Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead"
This episode sucked. Poor.

Agent Richard07 April 9 2009 03:00 AM

Re: Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead"
Excellent. I love these Ben episodes. They're always good.

Gertch April 9 2009 03:03 AM

Re: Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead"
There's no way this episode can get anything less than an Excellent.

DarthPipes April 9 2009 03:04 AM

Re: Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead"
Above Average. Really enjoyed this episode and the last couple of minutes were excellent. Nice to see the return of Alex and the history that was revealed.

cubbie April 9 2009 03:04 AM

Re: Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead"
Excellent. So much better than last week!

Agent Richard07 April 9 2009 03:05 AM

Re: Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead"
- Question: Did Rousseau name the baby "Alex"? I don't remember if she did and called the baby Alex in front of Ben.

- I thought Ben was going to kill Penny. In a way it's good that he didn't get to. Ben is a fan favorite and having him kill her might have hurt the character in people's eyes.

- Yay! Another Desmond sighting. If you recorded the show and know when to hit the pause button, you can see him again. :p I do wonder though what'll make him come back to the island if not to avenge Penny.

- Locke seem to be walking taller. He's got it all together again.

- What's up with Ilana? Any ideas? It was like she was one of the Others.

- It was nice to see Ben make amends with Alex. I'm sure he was just glad to see her and didn't care that she pushed him against a wall and threatened him. Is it really her in some way though? Does she know what happened and why he said what he said before she got shot?

Jaron April 9 2009 03:10 AM

Re: Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead"
The combination Ben and smug Locke make this episode an Excellent, not-dead Penny cementing it.


Agent Richard07 wrote: (Post 2810724)
- Question: Did Rousseau name the baby "Alex"? I don't remember if she did and called the baby Alex in front of Ben.

She did call the baby Alex when Ben was taking her.

Trippy April 9 2009 03:11 AM

Re: Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead"
^I think it was the smoke monster posing as Alex.

This episode totally rocked my socks! The quickest hour of t.v. ever :lol:

Excellent. I love Ben :techman:

Mr Light April 9 2009 03:12 AM

Re: Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead"
4/4 Excellent episode.

I was absolutely convinced Ben was going to die in this episode, so his being spared was a welcome surprise. Man, we got SO many answers, so many confirmations of theories.

We finally get to see inside the Temple/Cerebus Vent. We literally see where Cerebus comes out of (and he's Anubis' pet snake!). We find out what went down on the boat with Ben and Des and Penny. We find out why Widmore got exiled. We confirm my theory that many of the 316 passengers were Widmore agents undercover. We finally get to see how Rousseau lost Alex (I wish that scene had been bigger and more epic though).

I'm a little disappointed that Widmore's exile was so mundane. I was hoping Ben tricked him into Donkey Wheeling the Island away. But he just got caught going off-Island all the time and fathering Penny? Too easy.

Anybody else think Emerson did not look age appropriate in 1988 when he stole Lil' Alex? :D

OMG! Ben KILLED Cesar! I did NOT see that coming! Of course I'm still convinced he was a Widmore agent (he knew how to go through Ben's Hydra Office a little too well), I'm sure we'll see this in flashbacks later. I didn't expect Ilana to be a Widmore agent though, but her codephrase confirms it. I thought she would be the 'innocent' and Cesar the snake in the grass.

I also thought Locke was very large and in charge here. He was cool and confident and knew how to cut through Ben's BS. I loved the way Ben's options and misdirections to keep away from judgement slowly dwindled away one by one, till finally Locke tells him they're going down in the vent, and Ben realizes he's out of tricks, and tells Sun to tell Des he's sorry. Well done.

The bit at the end where Cerebus gave him a "this is your life" was actually pretty touching, and when it took the form of Alex to chastise him, I got tears in me eyes. Well done scene.

Brent April 9 2009 03:13 AM

Re: Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead"
Excellent excellent excellent, this episode was movin, a lot of answered questions, and more new ones of course

Glad Penny is ok, whew

More info on Widmore and why he left the island, being banished apparently, which is weird since it looked like he was in charge of the others, im wondering what banished him, the monster or jacob or the others?

Interesting to learn that there is a temple behind those walls, half a mile, but it is there, I really want to see what that temple looks like and what it was used for

What is up with the Ajira people, they know something or are there for a purpose, maybe they work for Widmore?

I wonder why smokey let Ben live

Nice to see where it lives, now if we just knew what it WAS, heh

Looks like next week is a Miles episode, nice

sidious618 April 9 2009 03:13 AM

Re: Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead"
Excellent episode. Locke kicked even more ass than usual, we got both answers and questions (that image on the wall!) and the smoke monster! Woo hoo!

DarthPipes April 9 2009 03:14 AM

Re: Lost 5x12: "Dead is Dead"
So the island spared Ben because he was remorseful and killed Eko because he wasn't remorseful?

Or maybe the monster didn't approve of drinking and driving...

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